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Both canon and original characters are welcomed unless Murphy does not like you! We are a no word count just try to spell better than Murphy, freestyle shipper, application, semi-au roleplay set in the fictional universe of The 100 were the awesomeness of murphamy totally exists. Inspired by the CW television series and Kass Morgan books. Our site has been around since June 2015!We have yet to get floated!

The site is a liquid timeline, meaning you can do threads wherever you want within the sites timeline Especially Murphamy ones. Only thing we ask is that you try not to go ahead of the latest events in the site plot, which is to the end of Season 3 currently. You can play out scenes from the show, or you can go off and do your own thing. You have the freedom to do as you please. As Bellamy Blake puts it: "Whatever the hell we want!"

The question is...
How far will you go to survive or protect the ones you care about?


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 Stryker, RYDER . M . 22 . NOMAD
 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 05:57 PM
Played by Ryder
- 2 posts -

22 years old
- Cody Christian -
Iron from Ice

• Loyal • Headstrong •
• Fearless • Hotheaded •

full name: Stryker
nicknames: Ry, Ryker
age: Twenty Two
date of birth: 31st October
place of birth: Azgeda
current residence: Nomadic
gender: Male
occupation: Blacksmith
languages: Trigedasleng, English
member group: Nomad
playby: Cody Christian
for a request?: Original
height: 6'0"
weight: 150 lbs
build: Athletic
hair color: Light Brown
eye color: Blue-Green
tattoos: Three thick warrior bands on each forearm.
piercings: Curved bone gauges
scars: Claw marks on his left shoulder across his upper pec
distinguishing features: His light blue eyes
best feature: Smile
demeanor: Wild
battle outfit: War Mask A black, full face mask painted to resemble a white skull with a biohazard symbol on the forehead. Leather motorcycle jacket beneath black painted armor. Steel toed black boots and fingerless gloves.
sexual orientation: heterosexual
romantic orientation: pansexual
parents: Ryon and Castia
siblings: Logar, Amaria, Keelan
children: none
other family: Thios -mentor/friend
relationship status: single
current partner: none
past partners: open
future partners: open
sex life: active
physical ailments: none
neurological ailments: none
allergies: none
current addictions: none
past addictions: none
smoking: occasionally
drugs: none
alcohol: occasionally
religion: Order of the Flame
negative traits: Hot Headed, Wild, Restless
positive traits: Loyal, Steadfast, Fearless
alignment: neutral-good
element: fire
hogwarts house: slytherin
divergent faction: dauntless
zodiac sign: scorpio
biggest secret: he's a nightblood
nickname: Ry
personal item:weapons/war mask
food: shredded meat and potatoes
drink: Azgeda Honey mead
season: Fall
color: Blue
location: Polis
animal: Horse
Honor or Curse?
Is it society or what's in your blood that defines you? What really makes a person who they're meant to be? Society? Family? Or are they predispositioned to be something else entirely? Do they really have a choice when it comes to Fate? Or is their lives mapped out to a certain extent and they are forced to follow said path?

These are the type of thoughts that run rampant in Stryker's brain when he lies awake at night. His brain has a tendency to over work itself when it isn't being occupied by other things. Paranoia. Distrust. Anger. Emotions flood his system but there is one that has never crossed his mind. Fear. Fear is simply a natural step in life. One that can be conquered and used as a growing experience.

At least that was how he looked at it. From an early age he had been forced to survive and thrive. Life was always a learning experience for the young Azgeda warrior. No matter what he had done, there was always a better way. A different way. He was constantly being judged by his father and his elder siblings. He didn't think of it as trials. It was more like a growing experience. Something he would appreciate the older he grew.

Stryker knew what was expected of him. Being born in one of the most ruthless of the 12 nations; his future was that of a warrior and a devoted member of the village. At least until they found out what he truly was. He was only five when a sparring match with his brother went too far. A jab to the nose and both boys were startled as black blood began to pour out of his nose. That black blood was something that would forever separate him from his family.

Unlike the other clans, the whole belief in the next commander was a myth to those in his village. Perhaps it was ignorance, or the fact that they were farther north then the influence of the other clans. His black blood was known to be sacred, but his father saw it simply as a curse. A blight to be cast out from his pure blood line. By being taken away to be trained as a night bleeda; he would also be taken from his family and they needed him. They needed him to help fight and to farm.

With not many choices on where or what he was to do in life, Stryker's father did the one thing he knew would help his family. For a hefty price the boy was sold to a travelling caravan of nomads. It was enough money to purchase food for the winter and to extend their lives for a few more years...and Stryker? Well that story has not been completed yet. Taken under the guidance of an older Nomad; he has been spending every waking moment trying to keep himself alive and away from the council. In the process he became an accomplished blacksmith and would often travel from village to village bartering food and other items.

A bit of a loner, he's always interested in finding a friend or two along the way. Not a very trusting individual; it would take a lot to get to know him.
He keeps on the move a lot , so there is a possibility for enemies but there are few and far in between.
Love? Sure. We can work something out. Has an idea for a final way way way in the future.
Living a Nomadic lifestyle can be tough and lonely.

nicknames: Ry, Ry-Ry, Rora's Cuddlebuns
age: 30
birthday: June 8th
pronouns: He/Him
timezone: Central
contact: SITE PM
triggers: Absolutely none
mature threading: I”m always up for a romp in the sheets with my fetish boys
other characters: Here
about: I'm an OG member that has been bugging Rora since the first days. I may disappear for a bit (due to long days at work) but I'm always here to cause a little mischief and give lots of love.
television show: Walking Dead, the 100, iZombie, Game of Thrones
movie: Hunger Games, anything Captain America
book: Miss Peregrine, The Hunger Games
character: Roan because he's an asshole
song: too many to mention
food: Pizza, Taco Tuesday
holiday: Christmas
season: Fall
color: Grey-blue
feeling: Relaxed
location: US of A
animal: Elephant
person: Jenna and Rora :)
ryder | twenty three | blacksmith | nomad
 Posted: Jun 26 2017, 08:18 PM
Played by myself
- 1081 posts -

Admin / Penguin Tamer
25 years old
- I love you! -
Do people even read these things? God, I hope not. Enjoy all of my word vomit. YOU'RE WELCOME.

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Congratulations! Welcome to Its Not Rocket Science!
We love what you have done with this character! Please enjoy your stay with us, we can't wait to see your character progress on the site! ♥
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