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Both canon and original characters are welcomed unless Murphy does not like you! We are a no word count just try to spell better than Murphy, freestyle shipper, application, semi-au roleplay set in the fictional universe of The 100 were the awesomeness of murphamy totally exists. Inspired by the CW television series and Kass Morgan books. Our site has been around since June 2015!We have yet to get floated!

The site is a liquid timeline, meaning you can do threads wherever you want within the sites timeline Especially Murphamy ones. Only thing we ask is that you try not to go ahead of the latest events in the site plot, which is to the end of Season 3 currently. You can play out scenes from the show, or you can go off and do your own thing. You have the freedom to do as you please. As Bellamy Blake puts it: "Whatever the hell we want!"

The question is...
How far will you go to survive or protect the ones you care about?

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Delinquents, also known as Sky People or Skaikru. They were the first of their people to explore Earth before the Arkers came down. All they had ever known was life on the Ark in space. Then it became a fight for survival on the ground after a war was started against the Grounders.

Back on the Ark they were criminals, awaiting their 18th birthday to be given a trail. If found guilty they would have been executed. Instead, the Ark sent them all to Earth to preserve oxygen for the rest of the population and also to see if Earth was habitable enough for humans to survive.

16 314 Jul 3 2017, 05:39 PM
In: Adam Carter
By: Calder Amar
Arkers, also known as Sky People or Skaikru. Their ancestors had fled Earth in spaceships during the nuclear apocalypse. War broke out between the space stations which lead to an alliance and merge which became what is known of the Ark today. A thirteenth station was destroyed for its refusal of joining the alliance.

They do what they can to survive, which in the past has meant killing their own people or taking risks with lives to preserve oxygen. They abided by strict laws which became more lenient as they made their new home on Earth.

19 196 Aug 9 2017, 11:33 AM
In: Emma Decker
By: Sage Leighton
Mountain Men
Mountain Men, also known as Maunon in Trigdasleng by the Grounders. Their ancestors were kept safe from the nuclear apocalypse by hiding deep underground in a governmental facility which protected them from the radiation. As such, their bodies never adapted to the increased radiation levels on Earth. They die from radiation poisoning within a matter of minutes of being exposed.

They attempted to reclaim the ground by using bone marrow treatments taken from sky people. It wasn’t until their facility was invaded and all but one level irradiated, killing the majority of their people, had they stopped. The remaining survivors are left to pick up the pieces of their lives and figure a way to synthesize the remaining bone marrow extracted to give their people a chance to be free.

10 111 Aug 8 2017, 07:25 PM
In: Kathryn Romanova
By: Aurora
Also known as the woods clan. They were ruled by the leader Lexa, but eventually it’s taken over by Ontari. The leader undergoes an ascension which makes them the official heda, it revolves around their primary religion involving the sacred symbol (the infinity sign). Lexa had also became the commander of all clans after she formed an alliance binding the clans together. It prevented wars from breaking out after the major conflicts between Trikru and Ice Nation. Luna of the Floukru Clan was a contender for her throne but had fled before the fight. Lexa never pursued as she didn’t see Luna as being a threat to her reign.

Their capital is built around the remains of the tallest skyscraper of an old world city. The majority of sky people also crashed into this territory and have set up a home here.

8 47 Jul 25 2017, 07:44 AM
In: Alaric
By: Neria
Also known as the ice nation. Their territory is north-west of Trikru territories. Their colder climate makes the land almost uninhabitable. Only the strongest survive, creating a clan which takes a more aggressive approach to matters. They are territorial and usually ordered to kill those that cross into their territory. Their queen was known for her tactics, having sent the head of Lexa’s lover during the conflict between Trikru and Azgeda. King Roan, the queen’s son, eventually takes to the throne.

Their capital is the ruins of an old world castle which they’ve taken as their kingdom. The remains of the sky people’s ‘factory station’ is also located here. The people that had lived there relocated once they discovered others sky people. The azgeda were to kill them on sight.

6 48 Aug 4 2017, 12:35 PM
In: neria
By: Neria
Also known as the boat people. They are ruled by the leader Luna who would have been heda had she not fled during the conclave. Killing her own twin she left just before her fight with Lexa. She went on to create her own clan for other members to join if they wanted to flee the fighting and lead a more peaceful life out at sea.

Their capital is an oil rig just off the east coast of the desert and trikru territories.

2 13 Jun 28 2017, 01:18 PM
In: Luna
By: Hutton S. Woodford
Also known as the desert clan. They live within the deserts north of Trikru territories. Additionally, their territory is home to the dead zone and the rumoured city of light. Those who attempt to find such a city never usually return. Nomads looking to scam travellers thrive in these deserts.

Their capital is a sandstone palace which is beside the largest oasis within the desert.

3 15 Feb 6 2017, 03:44 PM
In: Rossetta
By: Ali
Nomads are clanless and have no place they call home. They flitter between clan territories and move around a lot. Most were cast out from their own clans, from either having deformities or more personal reasons such as breaking major clan rules. A small percentage left on their own accord, either to go with those who were cast out or wanted to live a more adventurous lifestyle.

5 27 Aug 5 2017, 06:43 PM
In: Stryker
By: Neria
Plot Requests
Plot Requests is if you have something specific in mind for your character and need some positions filled but don’t necessarily need a new character created for it. This will be the place to post your head-canon ideas! Get some members coming forward to play with your plots! Get the good times rolling for all members.

Additionally, this will double up for group plots of multiple members for those teaming up to do something good or evil with their characters on the site! Elite hackers teaming up? Rogue grounders attempting to form their own clan? Delinquents wanting to make their murder club official? Arkers demanding their own work union? Go for it!

5 64 Mar 31 2017, 10:05 PM
In: Basically a Final Destinati...
By: Alice
Multi-Shippers is for those who prefer to make a single thread for all their characters rather than using the application shippers provided. Here’s the place to do it! Just be sure to link to your new shipper from your old one! Staff can close your applications and redirect to your new shipper if you request it.

2 7 Jun 11 2017, 03:14 PM
In: shepards shitshow.
By: Kaiyal

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