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Both canon and original characters are welcomed unless Murphy does not like you! We are a no word count just try to spell better than Murphy, freestyle shipper, application, semi-au roleplay set in the fictional universe of The 100 were the awesomeness of murphamy totally exists. Inspired by the CW television series and Kass Morgan books. Our site has been around since June 2015!We have yet to get floated!

The site is a liquid timeline, meaning you can do threads wherever you want within the sites timeline Especially Murphamy ones. Only thing we ask is that you try not to go ahead of the latest events in the site plot, which is to the end of Season 3 currently. You can play out scenes from the show, or you can go off and do your own thing. You have the freedom to do as you please. As Bellamy Blake puts it: "Whatever the hell we want!"

The question is...
How far will you go to survive or protect the ones you care about?


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 Bellamy Blake, Aurora | M | 24 | Bob Morley
Bellamy Blake
 Posted: Jul 16 2016, 02:20 PM
Bellamy Blake
Played by Aurora
- 200 posts -

Co-leader to the 100
24 years old
- Bob Morley -
Cause I'm fast enough to get in trouble, and not fast enough to get away. I'm old enough to know I'll end up dying, and not young enough to forget again. It's all a fickle game. Life's a fickle game we play.

• Strong Willed • Argumentative •
• Natural Leader • Stubborn •

Bellamy A. Blake
full name: Bellamy Ares Blake
nicknames: Bell, Bella, Bells, Belloni, Beluga, Amy, Baby Bell, Blake Jong Un, BeeBee, Stalin, Bella Zedong, Lady Sprinkles, Bellycat, Tinkerbell, Princess Bellyfae, Blake the Builder, Mario, Bellybutton, Smithbuster B, Bellimir Lenin, Blake and Bake... yeah.
age: Twenty-Four
date of birth: 26 June
place of birth: Factory Station, The Ark
current residence: Arkadia, Earth
gender: Male
occupation: Arkadia Guard, The 100 Leader, Janitor (Former), Ark Guard (Former)
languages: English, Sign Language
member group: Delinquent
playby: Bob Morley
for a request?: Canon
criminal record
crime(s): Attempted murder on Chancellor Jaha
sentence: None, was pardoned for his crimes for helping the delinquents
solitary?: N/A
height: 5'11"
weight: 170lbs
build: Athletic
hair color: Black
eye color: Dark brown
tattoos: None
piercings: None
scars: A few covers his body, most distinguishable one is the small scar on his upper lip
glasses/contacts: None
distinguishing features: Wild mess of black hair
demeanor: Relaxed, business-like
sexual orientation: Hetrosexual
romantic orientation: No emotional attachment needed
parents: ✝Aurora Blake (Mother)
siblings: Octavia Blake (Sister)
children: Nope, not gonna happen
other family: The delinquents have come pretty close to a family for him
relationship status: Single
current partner: None
past partners: Sage Leighton, Sitka Fallowfield, Olivia Devoreaux, Roma Harvey, Raven Reyes... open to more
future partners: Smith Holzer, Open
sex life: Active
turn ons: Able to exchange witty banter/good sense of humor. Cuddling/straddling him. When she draws on his back with her nails. Makes him feel wanted. Unexpected nakedness (He likes surprises). When she's a little aggressive/takes initiative (Think telling him to shut up and kiss or pushing him against the wall). Dirty talk. Licking/sucking his fingers >.>
turn offs: Overly shy. Butt stuff. Love bites. Farting on him.
religion: None
negative traits: Very argumentative, insensitive, intolerant, dislikes practical matters, can find it difficult to focus
positive traits: Knowledgable, quick thinker, original, excellent brainstormer, charismatic, energetic
alignment: Chaotic Good
myers-briggs: The Debater (ENTP-T)
zodiac sign: Cancer
pet peeves: Others disobeying orders, getting told he's wrong, getting judged harshly
bad habits: Over-thinks, gets in a spiral of self doubt, follows through with rash decisions
fears: Hurting those he cares about, screwing up
hopes and dreams: Just wants to be able to live out his days somewhere peaceful
likes: Protecting his little sister, following his gut instinct, history and greek mythology, books, helping his people
dislikes: Himself, fighting with Octavia, feeling threatened, grounders/mountain men
nickname: Bell
book: The Iliad/The Odyssey
personal item: here
food: here
drink: here
season: Spring
color: Blue
location: The Dropship
animal: Wolves
person: Octavia Blake
Listen to these while reading Bellamy posts. Especially the top few, you won't regret it.
Jaymes Young: I'll be good
Stephen: Crossfire
EDEN: Drugs
The Eden Project: XO
LP: Muddy waters
EDEN: Wake up
Salvatore: Dive
Boy Epic: Scars
Timbaland: Apologize ft. OneRepublic
Alex Clare: Too Close
Example: Changed the way you kiss me
Shawn Mendes: Stitches ft. Hailee Steinfeld
Daft Punk: Get lucky
Elias: Revolution
Maroon 5: One more night
SYML: Where's my love
Pim Stones: Neon lights
Koda: Radioactive
Fleurie: Soldier
Halsey: Gasoline
Troye Sivan: BITE
Amber Run: I found
The Eden Project: Drowning
Phoria: Emanate
Royal Deluxe: I'm a wanted man
Major Lazer: Cold water
The Chainsmokers: Closer ft. Halsey
X Ambassadors: Unsteady
SonReal: Can I get a witness
Alison Wonderland: U don't know
Say Lou Lou: Instant crush (Daft Punk cover)
Axel Thesleff: Bad karma
barely surviving

“Listen to me. I told you my life ended the day you were born, the truth is, it didn't start until then.“
At six years old Bellamy watched his mother give birth to his sister. What should have been a happy celebration for the family had been one of the scariest moments of Bellamy’s life. Second children were completely illegal on the Ark. The laws of the Ark had population control measures in place. His mother would have been floated and the child taken away. Bellamy would lose everything so they had to help his mom keep it a secret. As soon as the small shivering girl was delivered on the floor of their home his mother bundled her up and passed her to Bellamy. She was weak and wanted Bellamy to be the one to name her.

Octavia Amara Blake.

Bellamy had listened to stories of Augustus, founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor. His little head filled with wonders about history and what happened to Earth. Incidentally Augustus had a sister too, Octavia. It seemed fitting and Bellamy always loved the name from the stories. Octavia in the stories was a respected and admired woman for her loyalty, nobility and humanity. Something he planned to repeat to his own little sister someday.

As soon as Bellamy made eye contact with her for the first time in his arms, he fell in love. He knew from that point forward he would do anything to protect her. He completely doted on his tiny sister. He remembered the comment his mom whispered to him “Your sister, your responsibility”, and he honestly couldn’t imagine wanting anything else. When she cried for the first time he panicked. His mom had passed out from exhaustion and if Octavia continued to cry like this the guards would eventually find them. It didn’t take him long to figure out Octavia liked fingers. She soon quietened down and stared up at him. She was a cute baby, with her bright eyes curiously looking out to her new world.

One thing Bellamy always wished, was that she could have had a full and normal life on the Ark. He'd have happily traded places with her if he could have. Sadly the cards would never be dealt in their favour.

"I won't let anything bad happen to you, Octavia.
I promise."
His biggest regret was taking his little sister to the masquerade dance. She’d been begging to leave the apartment for weeks. So as soon as he heard about the event he’d scraped together what little money and scrap he could salvage to get her a mask made. It was supposed to be a wonderful memory for Octavia, but everything went wrong.

She was bursting with excitement when he told her his plans and unveiled the mask. Octavia trusted him, Bellamy knew she relied on him for a lot. He’d taught her to read and write and spent hours entertaining her at home or bringing things back for her. Since nobody was allowed to know about her he'd always shared his food and water rations. Most of what he earned as a guard went towards more food for the family. They struggled together, forever and always. Bellamy watched as she took her first steps out the door. He could tell she was nervous, but he felt at ease about the whole thing and soon enough she did too. Watching her at the window overlooking Earth was something he wished he could have taken a photo of. She’d never seen Earth in person, only from pictures in books.

At the dance Bellamy did his duties as a guard, keeping a close eye on O’ but otherwise leaving her to have some fun. She’d deserved to have this break. It could never last. The solar flare caused the alarms. Bellamy had felt the blood drain from his face when the room became blocked off. Quickly thinking he planned a distraction, but Octavia told him she didn’t know her way home. Of course she didn’t, how could she have known? It was over.

The rest was a blur, Octavia being taken away, attending his mom’s death and watching her get floated, being downgraded to a smaller room in Factory, being removed from the guard and put on janitorial work. He’d lost everything and he stopped caring. That was, until Commander Shumway gave him a new hope. Only problem was, the chance of freedom with his sister came with a requirement and a gun in his hand.

“This is our home now. We built this from nothing with our bare hands! Our dead are buried behind that wall, in this ground. Our ground! The Grounders think they can take that away? They think that because we came from the sky we don't belong here! But they have yet to realize one very important fact. We are on the ground now. And that means *we* are Grounders!“
Bellamy had always been strong willed. A natural leader some would say. He’d learned from his mother Aurora to think one step ahead. Plan for raids on his home so Octavia could be hidden safely away. From a young age he’d learned to mature quickly to protect his family. There was no second chances, that one slip up cost him everything.

Once on the ground he realized that group of Delinquents had now become his family. They needed his protection too. Whether it be help with building a wall, someone to look up to, or a motivational speech to bring them together. Bellamy held the weight of the world on his shoulders, taking it upon himself to bear it so they don’t have to.

“This is on you, princess. You should have kept your mouth shut.”
Clarke Griffin. What started out as the bane of his existence. She kept putting a downer on his plans and generally getting in the way. Annoying to say the least. Unfortunately, her opinions did carry some weight to them. Others saw it too. As much as Bellamy didn’t want to listen, he had to. She became the voice of reason, the second person people looked up to and followed. There was no denying she was also a natural leader.

When chaos started to get out of control within the camp, Clarke was quick to take action and show how wrong this idea had been. Some control was needed. From that point onwards they had a common ground which they both stood on. He didn’t have to like her to work with her towards the same goal. For a long time he didn’t, but after a while she’d earned his respect. He learned to open up to her, rely on her just as she did with him. Together they somehow managed to make one functional leader. Clarke saw angles to a puzzle Bellamy had missed and vice versa.

He didn’t really see it until that day they had lost their first person. Bellamy could remember clutching the knife in his hand, crouching over the boy who’d been caught in an acid fog. He was horsely whispering “kill me”. Bell's hands shook. This wasn't like pulling a trigger. When he’d shot Jaha he simply closed his eyes, turned his head away, and pulled the trigger before blindly running. A knife was different. Clarke stepped up instead. Bellamy realised that day he couldn’t do this alone, and neither could Clarke. They needed to work together to get through this.

“How long until chocolate cake turns into being hung upside down and drained for their blood?”
He’d heard of the mountain from Clarke. What they were doing to the grounders within, what they planned to do to their people. Bellamy knew they would need to do everything they could to stop that. Octavia didn’t need his help as much anymore. She’d grown up fast too, she had others to look out for her now. Bellamy risked his life to be that person they could rely on once more.

not everyone will read through applications to plot, especially long ones, so give your character a brief summary and what you're looking for from other characters here. could also list any plots ideas you're looking to play out
This would be something Bellamy needs more of. He struggles to open up to others and often remains a private person. He’ll need a few good friends there to help him along in this crazy world they are up against. His biggest priority has been Octavia, but that expanded once he was on the ground. Now, he feels responsible for the wellbeing of a lot of people and that often shows through his hardened exterior.

Bellamy is a natural leader. However, he can be impulsive and argumentative. He’s stubborn when he believes he’s right and will do what he feels is best for those around him. He’s screwed up plenty of times but also made some amazing calls. He’s loyal to a fault and completely willing to risk his life for a good cause. Bellamy can become a great ally when the going gets tough. He’s not one to buckle under immense pressure.

Plenty of those, take a number. He hid a huge part of himself away on the Ark and became a ghost when he lost his family. On the ground he made up for it in leaps and bounds, but leadership often comes with a penalty. He’s used to being painted as a bad guy.

Grounders aren’t his favorite people. They’ve done nothing but hurt those he cared about at the beginning. Slowly things are changing. With others around him putting more trust in them, he’s been trying to do the same. Mountain Men are the last people he imagines making friends with after everything that went down. That being said, if it wasn’t for a small few helping him while he was inside the Mountain, his people would have still been in there.

He craves the closeness of someone, but doesn’t want to let anyone in completely. Bellamy often self destructs his own relationships, believing it’s safer for everyone involved when he leaves. Back on the Ark he did this to ensure no-one ever found out about Octavia, the habit just continued into his life on the ground. He can do relationships, but they won't be finals so be prepared to plan future breakups with them.

I am interested in the romance plot between him and Gina Martin. There’s a lot that can be done with that, the show doesn’t give us much but we could add a lot more depth to their relationship. I feel Gina was the first person to really break down a lot of Bellamy’s walls. Her death and loss would be a great piece of character development for Bellamy. PM or Aim me if you’re interested. We can hash out details and if it doesn't show up I'll throw up a wanted ad eventually.

Last updated: 27th June '17
This is where any relationships that have happened with Bellamy on the site will be mentioned. Could help with future plotting! Know his friends and enemies!

Octavia Blake:Baby sister. He taught her to read and write and basically brought her up himself.
Sage Leighton: Close friends! She helped him get medicine for Octavia in the past. Sage didn't know it was for his sister at the time. They dated a couple of times but it fizzled out over the lie Bellamy told to protect his sister.
Tristan Shaw: Good relationship, like brothers. He's part of Bell's militia and they get on well. He looks after O' so Bell trusts him.
Smith Holzer: Sassy and mouthy, he likes her. Some kind of sexual tension between them.
Clarke Griffin: Still a lot of tension between these two. He's not so keen to share camp atm.
Marcus Kane: Big boss jerk. Kind of warming up to him... kind of.
Kaiyal Grounder he distrusts but would ultimately help if she needed it.
Raziela Another grounder he's warming up to, slowly.
Mia Lynn Cole Gorgeous girl he loves spending time with.
John Murphy Biggest asshole if he's ever seen one, but also good at his job. Bellamy trusts him.

nicknames: rora, super-satan
age: twenty-four
birthday: 13 may
pronouns: she/her/that thing
timezone: est / gmt-5
contact: site pm (notifies me on my phone via email) and aim (dannidorrito)
preferred narrative: 3rd person but okay to write in 1st or 2nd if asked.
preferred wordcount: I find around 300 words / two paragraphs / rapidfire is best but can do any length of posts.
triggers: mostly okay to thread out whatever, I'll let you know if something makes me uncomfortable.
mature threading: I'm all for smut, bring it on.
other characters: All my babies are found here
about: (My longer intro is found here!) hello! so I'm a brit who moved to canada. I pretty much made this site to have fun with friends back when 100 sites were seriously lacking, it's been awesome to watch it grow! everyone else who plays on here are the real winners though, seriously love you all ♥
my links
thread tracker: INRS posts Trello
development forum: Aurora
character development: Blake feels
graphics: Crackship requests
coding: Thread codes & post templates
television show: Definitely not The 100...
movie: Marvel things are my life rn.
book: Darren Shan - Demonata Series
character: Janitor from Scrubs
song: This song/video has become a guilty obsession
food: Spaghetti Bolognese and anything sweet
holiday: Easter!
season: Summer
color: Purple
feeling: Excited or in pain from plots
location: Nature trails!
animal: Foxes
person: My significant other, even if he does drive me crazy sometimes
Aurora | Twenty-Four | Arkadia Guard / The 100 Leader | Delinquent
 Posted: Jul 17 2016, 10:14 AM
Played by Jenna
- 392 posts -

Timeless years old
- King Bob -

• Awesome • Epic •
• Ridiculous • Silly •

user posted image

Congratulations! Welcome to Its Not Rocket Science!
We love what you have done with this character! Please enjoy your stay with us, we can't wait to see your character progress on the site! ♥
 Posted: Jul 17 2016, 05:20 PM
Played by Alice
- 48 posts -

Actual Cat
23 years old
- Marriedddd -

• Kisses. • Lazy af •
• <3 • Love me •


Sage & Bellamy Blake
Amg ok, I think these two would make pretty good friends and be adorbs together! If she could get to know him, she'd definitely want to help in whatever ways she could, and she'd want to cheer him up. I could also see her having a bit of a crush on him at some point, because underneath the tough guy demeanor he's a total sweetheart haha Everyone needs Sage in their lives XDD

Lincoln & Bellamy Blake
BROOOOOOOMANCEEEEEE. I need all of the Lincoln/Bellamy love because these two are great together. The dropship torture, trusting Lincoln with Octavia, training and teaching together. GIVE ME EVERYTHING TONIIIIIIIIGHTTTTT. But seriously, I am game for anything and everything XD start with dropship torture?
Mia Lynn Cole
 Posted: Aug 12 2016, 01:25 PM
Mia Lynn Cole
Played by Mexy
- 49 posts -

17 years old
- Nina Agdal -

• Caring • Stubborn •
• Outgoing • Scared •

Mia Lynn Cole &
Bellamy Blake

I'm pretty sure being flirted with by Bellamy Blake is the dream! Mia is however quite oblivious to flirting, and is she gets it, she wouldn't know which leg to stand on . which obviously would be incredibly fun!

She'd love to stitch him back up after fights and she can properly understand everything he does for Octavia. So if he ever needs support in that direction or any other kind of support... I mean..., he can knock on her door. She properly doesn't agree with everything he has done, but she can understand.
Marcus Kane
 Posted: Aug 14 2016, 03:24 PM
Played by Shepard
- 64 posts -

Head of the Guard
42 years old
- Henry Ian Cusick -
I admire your adherence to the rule of law. I really do. But these are times when we have to look beyond the rules. To realize they were established to serve a world of the past. Not of the future. I beg you, one last time, to see the world as it is, not as it was or as you want it to be.

• Loyal • Detached •
• Dauntless • Anxious •

JesusDad Kane &
Bellamy Blake

I did PM Jenna about it and Ryder, so yeah Cbox is true. Whore. As far as that goes goes, I think there will be a lot of talks about it. I do like the idea of Bellamy and Kane working together on a lot of stuff, they seem to do it right when they are together. You know, one stopping the other from being foolish.

I am down to RP anywhere in the seasons with them over all they make a good part of the A team. Maybe they can fuck shit up together by being dramatic with one another as usual.
Soren Klondike
 Posted: Oct 10 2016, 07:56 PM
Played by JD
- 27 posts -

29 years old
- Ryan Reynolds -
I got a half-chub writing down the relativistic doppler effect

• Clever • Snarky •
• Adventurous • Unpredictable •

Klondike &
Bellamy Blake

If they're both drunk at the same time they can definitely fite, although Klondike will pretty much fight anyone sober too.

Game on son.
John Murphy
 Posted: Jan 10 2017, 03:39 PM
John Murphy
Played by Jenna
- 65 posts -

Badass Militia
Seventeen years old
- Richard Harmon -

• N/A • N/A •
• N/A • N/A •

Bellamy & John Murphy

user posted image
Remeber when you tried to hang him? Thats a good place to start? Or maybe him hanging you?
user posted image Or would you prefer a nice bromace before all the pain.
Adam Carter
 Posted: Jul 3 2017, 01:13 PM
Adam Carter
Played by Venus
- 5 posts -

18 years old
- Xavier Samuel -

• Daring • Curious •
• Ambitious • Secretive •

Carter & Bellamy Blake

I guess Bellamy and Carter could geld along quite well. Carter respects Bellamy, so maybe he wants to know Bellamy's opinion on certain things. How about they meet a few days after they landed on the ground. Carter could've talked to Bellamy a few times while working on the fence or maybe they spent some time together during a nightshift at the camp. Whatever you like, I'm up for it. I have to get started with Carter and Bellamy is just awesome!
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