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Both canon and original characters are welcomed unless Murphy does not like you! We are a no word count just try to spell better than Murphy, freestyle shipper, application, semi-au roleplay set in the fictional universe of The 100 were the awesomeness of murphamy totally exists. Inspired by the CW television series and Kass Morgan books. Our site has been around since June 2015!We have yet to get floated!

The site is a liquid timeline, meaning you can do threads wherever you want within the sites timeline Especially Murphamy ones. Only thing we ask is that you try not to go ahead of the latest events in the site plot, which is to the end of Season 3 currently. You can play out scenes from the show, or you can go off and do your own thing. You have the freedom to do as you please. As Bellamy Blake puts it: "Whatever the hell we want!"

The question is...
How far will you go to survive or protect the ones you care about?

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 Micah, Aurora | M | 33 | Jensen Ackles
Micah 1
 Posted: Sep 1 2016, 12:23 AM
Micah 1
Played by Aurora
- -4 posts -

Weapon Forger
33 years old
- Jensen Ackles -
I believe in you. I'll give up everything just to find you. I have to be with you to live to breathe. You're taking over me.

• Charming • Serious •
• Loyal • Blunt •

full name: Micah Kom Floukru
nicknames: Meek
age: Thirty-Three
date of birth: 9th February
place of birth: Woods Clan
current residence: Floukru Territory
gender: Male
occupation: Weapons Forger / Warrior (Former)
languages: English, Trigdasleng
member group: Floukru
playby: Jensen Ackles
for a request?: No
height: 6'1"
weight: 210lbs
build: Broad, muscular
hair color: Light Brown
eye color: Hazel
tattoos: Tribal markings down his spine. A small child's hand print tattooed onto his shoulder blade which covers a lot of his kill scars.
piercings: None
scars: Shoulders and upper back are littered with small scars to represent kills. Other large scars around his body from battle wounds.
distinguishing features: Freckles lightly cover his face
best feature: His smile
demeanor: Reserved
sexual orientation: Hetrosexual
romantic orientation: Non-committal (but will likely change with the right person)
✝Heather kom Trikru (Mother)
✝Geralt kom Trikru (Father)
Open kom Trikru (24)
Lyanna kom Trikru (f 24) played by Ali
Rayna kom Floukru (f 20) played by Shepard
children: ✝Brock kom Trikru (Son) - 7 when he died
other family: ✝Eleanor kom Trikru (Wife)
relationship status: Single
current partner: Open
past partners:
✝Eleanor (Wife) - together 13 years (From age 16 to 29)
future partners: Open
sex life: Not really much lately
turn ons: Biting, choking, playful fighting, tying up, kissing along the neck or hand running along his thigh
turn offs: Straight for the rough crotch grab... or really any pain given to the crotch (big no-no). Don't be so aggressive. It's not a toy, damn.
negative traits: Insensitive, impatient, risk-prone, unstructured, defiant, may miss the bigger picture
positive traits: Bold, original, perceptive, direct, sociable, rational and practical
alignment: Neutral
myers-briggs: The Entrepreneur (ESTP-A)
element: Earth
hogwarts house: Gryffindor
zodiac sign: Aquarius
pet peeves: People using badly crafted weapon, you are not a reaper for gods sake
bad habits: Hitting the bottle when he's feeling really any kind of negative emotion
fears: Pushing away everyone he cares about. Being rejected by those he cares about (so pushes them away first, vicious circle)
hopes and dreams: Finding some sort of happiness in himself or those around him
biggest secret: He seriously loves his family but believes they deserve better than him, often has thoughts of leaving for their benefit. Crippling self doubt.
likes: Most foods, hunting, fishing, crafting, working on tools, time alone
dislikes: Reapers, mount weather, acid fogs, acidic trees, jobi nuts
nickname: Meek
personal item: Eleanor's drawing journal (contains the only image/drawing of Brock)
food: Roasted deer
drink: Mead
season: Summer
color: Green
location: In the water
animal: Bears
person: Rayna - Youngest sister
so tell me would you really die for me?
You were always a strong child. Brave, agile and full of life. You loved being your father's smaller shadow. With a sharpened stick in hand, you would fight your way through imaginary demons. Your father disliked how wild you were sometimes, but with his strict training you improved. By the time you were old enough to hold blades your mother grew round with another addition to your growing family. She would always complain about them, she’d been bedridden for the last month and her complaining only increased. You tried to help where you could, but by helping you mostly kept out of her way.

At nine years old you stood beside your mother's bedside while she went through a painstaking days worth of labor. You were terrified of the screams, but couldn’t show your parents you were scared. To everyone's surprise it had been triplets that had arrived. They had been the the first trio of your village, it was a good omen. Unfortunately luck had not been with your family that evening. The smallest of the three didn’t make it through the night. It had been a hard blow to your parents, but they seemed to push through it. They never named that small child they buried, they never mentioned it again. From that point forward your remaining siblings were just known as the twins.

Growing up with younger siblings was both a blessing and a curse. By the time you reached your teenage years the twins were just starting to talk and get into everything. They worked as a team for maximum results while you attempted damage control. You had taken up weapons smithing and training to become a skilled warrior. You were just following in your father's footsteps. He taught you everything. The twins mostly got in the way and messed with things they shouldn’t be touching. It annoyed you, but you really wouldn’t have had it any other way. You always treated their cuts and injuries from messing with the weapons you and your father crafted. They quickly learned not to touch the heated tools.

Life was nice and simple for the most part. Your father earned a living for your family and you slowly learned his skills. You were taught the ways of your clan, earning your first kill scar at the age of eleven. It had been the first time you experienced reapers in person. You were always warned of the demons that lurked the forest. The legends of reapers were a popular story. They were once loved ones which had been contorted into dangerous beasts by the mountain. None have ever survived coming back. You remember the day well, having went hunting further from the village with your father. Coming face to face with one had been entirely different to what you were expecting, it shocked you how human they still seemed to be. Your father was the one to weaken him, you were the one to take his last breath. Your father was so proud of you as he marked your shoulder. You? Not so much. You never told them of the nightmares that followed.

You were thirteen when your mother fell pregnant once more. The last pregnancy with the twins had been especially hard on her body. Her older years had started to wear on her. You noticed she was far more sickly this time around. She’d not left her bed much after the first few months. You were a warrior now, you brought more food to the family. Though you did take on the duties of caring for the twins while your mother was bedridden. You didn’t always have the patience for two four year olds, you weren’t as soft as your mother. You tried though, they stayed clothed and fed and you’d even started to teach them sword play just as your father had done. By then the scars on your shoulder had grown and you were looking more like a man than a boy. Your father still did the majority of work to provide for the family while you picked up the other duties.

The labour was just as gruelling as the last one you remembered witnessing. You weren’t as scared though, you tried to keep the twins out of the way. This time only one child emerged, it was just as small and as weak as that child your parents had buried. Your mother drew her last breath just as the child took their first. You were the first to take hold of this little one, you couldn’t pass her to your mother and you weren’t sure what else to do. Wrapping the small girl in bundles you held her to your chest and watched. Your father howled over his wives body, he’d stayed beside her the entire time. He didn’t move from her side until the following morning.

From there life took a new turn. You had already taken over looking out for the twins while your mother had still been on bed rest, but now you had this newborn to handle. You knew nothing about newborns. You weren’t even sure she would have survived, she was so small. It didn’t help your father wanted nothing to do with her, he threw himself into his work. He told you if you couldn’t handle the responsibility to leave the child out for the wolves to take. Something they’d do to all disfigured children. This girl wasn’t terribly disfigured though, just weak. She looked so much like your mother. You were stubborn and wanted to give the girl a chance at life. You stepped back from training and did your best to be the good older brother. The twins struggled without their mother, your father had become more detached from the family and you knew you weren’t a good replacement. You kept them clothed and fed but they needed to fend for themselves now. Still working at the forgery you had no time between work and a newborn to help them.

Your father went out hunting one day and just simply never returned. Was likely reapers took him, but it bothered you that there was also the possibility he could have just bailed on his family. He wasn’t the hero you grew up believing him to be. Running a family and trying to provide for them proved difficult. You did something right though, the girl grew. She became such a lively toddler. The twins often babysat while you worked. As a family you found the balance you all needed. It had been hard but things were looking up. Your best friend Dodger really pulled through for you. He took far better to the gentle parental role than you did, so you often sought his advice.

This was around the time you met Eleanor, a girl of the same age from a neighbouring village. It had been a chance meeting while you had visited to trade some of your tools for other supplies for the winter. She was so beautiful. You’d been with girls previously, but you were always non-committal. Eleanor took you like a tornado. She was a beautiful disaster and you loved her for it. It wasn't until you were around sixteen had you finally made things official with her. Your relationship with her was always turbulent, but she brought so much more happiness than she did misery. She loved your siblings, and they seemed to take well to her too. So by the time you were twenty-three when you learned she had fallen pregnant you asked her to be your life partner. It had been one of the happiest days of your life.

She officially moved in with your family and took over the motherly duties. You were able to brush up on your rusty training and eventually your son was born. Together you were a close-knit family, and it felt as though Brock finally completed it. Over time relations with the Azgeda worsened and you went to war for your Heda. You mostly stayed off the battleground to forge weapons, but sometimes you came face to face with the enemy. You gained more and more scars to litter your shoulders. Eleanor stayed behind with the kids. You still worried about them, even if the village was out of the way. Nowhere was truly safe, something you came to know well from what you’d seen from the battlefield.

You were gone on and off for years. You often spent months away from home to return to find Brock and your siblings had grown up so much. You hated being away from your family but tried to make the time count when you did see them. You pushed them all into training with weapons. Just as he’d been trained he was strict, Eleanor had the softer heart who took care of their injuries afterwards. You didn’t take no pleasure in hurting them, but they each needed to be taught the world was an unforgiving place. They needed to know how to defend themselves.

You learned of the coalition coming into place which brought you nothing but relief. You knew you could lay down your arms for now and focus more on your family. Knowing the other clans had come together to try and achieve peace was a first of your time. You were optimistic of a better future for the younger generation. They wouldn’t need to shed blood as you had. Life felt as simple as it had from when you were a child. You couldn’t remember the last time you felt this content.

The twins had became more independent and you would take them out hunting and fishing. Brock and your sister were still too young, as much as they begged you didn’t give into demands. The day had started like any other. Getting up at the crack of dawn and waking up the twins, you got supplies ready and took them a good few miles out from the village to show them your favorite fishing spot. A couple of days there was the plan. It was always a good spot to get enough catches for feed the family for weeks. The twins were smart kids… though not really kids anymore. At twenty they were their own people. While you had spent those months away, they helped expand your home to fit the growing family. You were so proud of the people they’d become, even if your personalities did sometimes clash. It was a hard relationship to navigate through sometimes.

A smoke signal off in the distance pulled you from your fishing trip with the twins. It had been a distress signal which looked close to your home. It could have just as easily been a neighbouring village but it unsettled you. Distress signals had been rarely used since the coalition. Packing up you got the twins back as fast as you could. Even if it hadn’t been your home you were a warrior who’d trained to protect his clan. The twins were skilled enough to hold their own in a fight too.

What you returned to was far worse than you had anticipated. The distress signals had been drowned out to thick black smoke of burning homes. A large group of reapers had been sweeping through your village. You often caught stragglers but never any of this amount. Ever since the coalition more warriors had been home, meaning reapers were getting braver and venturing further from the mountain to take unsuspecting people. You’d never seen anything like it. Ordering the twins to stay close you drove into the heart of the fight sword in hand. This was the first genuine battle the twins had experienced, but for you this was nothing compared to what the Azgeda had been. You were a seasoned warrior, you knew how to hit them where it hurt.

Having drove them back many had made off with villagers. Your thoughts turned to your own family. The twins were injured but otherwise made it out unscathed. The village was chaos. Families trying to find one another, many were either dead or missing. You finally found your sister. She was just sixteen and while she could defend herself she wasn’t able to hold off the overwhelming numbers. Dropping to your knees you pulled her to your chest. Her eyes fluttered open and she croaked at you. The sudden rush of relief quickly turned into something much darker when she told you they took Eleanor. She’d seen it.

Where’s Brock?

You asked her once. Then again. The silence was deafening. Your voice raised as you repeated your question. She started to sob and that really told you all you needed to know. He had just turned six and was starting to take more of an interest in your work. Her tiny hand shakily came up to point in the direction of your home. You were gone before she could get her words out between sobs. Your throat thick you ran blindly past the other villagers until you came crashing down beside a tiny body lying on the ground. You howled and fisted the ground. He couldn’t be gone. Collapsing beside him you refused to move. You had recognised one of your swords lay just a few feet from you both. It had been far too big for him, but he’d been a fighter until the very end.

Time merged and blurred together. You don’t really remember much after. Hitting the bottle was the only way you could forget. The villagers took your sister in and treated her injuries. The twins attempted to rally up others for a retaliation. Blood must have blood. You pushed them away, you pushed everyone away. You tried to do everything but be there for your family.

You ran. Sometimes fifty miles at a time. You’d run until your toenails fell off. You ran until your feet bled and your skin burned and your bones screamed. Then you worked. You spent twelve hour days in the forgery crafting armor and weapons. You worked until your arms gave out and your hands grew stiff. You worked until you couldn’t think straight and forgot to feed yourself. You worked until you didn’t have the energy to do anything else but sleep on the solid floor of your workshop. You did everything you could to make yourself hurt. If you could hurt, you could heal.

Your sister pulled through, she healed. So did the twins. You really didn’t see much of any of them anymore. They tried, but you kept them away. You blamed them for Brock’s death and for Eleanor disappearing. Logically you were wrong, how could they have known what would happen that day? Your heart was shattered and you needed someone to blame. Eventually you understood why your father had not returned from a hunting trip. You started to hate yourself for thinking like him.

It became too much for you. Eventually you tried to quietly leave too. There was nothing left for you in the village, just the ghosts which haunted your nightmares. You packed and tried to play it off as a trip. Maybe they’d believe you were taken by reapers. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world to believe. The youngest saw right through you. She refused to let you leave without her. She tried to get you to go back. She hit you, screamed at you, fought you. Anything to make you feel like you cared. You didn’t stop. You never stopped. You gave her an ultimatum on the spot, either stay behind or go with you. You couldn’t go back there. You couldn’t look anyone in the eye there.

She was just seventeen. You put her in an impossible situation. You don’t know why she decided to follow you. Maybe she saw how broken you’d become and thought you needed her more than the twins did. She never told you why she followed. You both travelled for weeks until you found a place to finally stop and call a home. Floukru welcomed everyone who was looking to leave the fighting behind them. You found your home in their lands.

Over the next three years you began to heal properly. You started to send messages to those you’d left behind. The twins never returned contact but Dodger and others did. They were happy to see you were alive and doing better. You were equally as happy to hear they’ve been doing fine too. Your sister stuck by you. She really did repair what was broken. Those nights you had nightmares of Brock she’d be there. You did the same for her too. You’d raised her from a newborn and she’d grown into a strong young woman. She’d started to make a life for herself as part of the floukru.

You finally did decide to go back to visit Trikru territory. It’s been three years and you were feeling more like yourself. You’d never go near your old village again but you had friends in other places. That was when you witnessed the Skaikru fall in their metal box. Since then things have been taking a turn for the worst. You were curious of these newcomers but you also didn’t want to get caught up in the mess. So you watched from the sidelines. You could only hope those who you cared about would do the same.

Originally from Trikru - Mother passed during the birth of his youngest sister - Father went missing soon after - Raised sister and twins, wasn't the best at it honestly - Met wifey and had a beautiful son - Eventually retired from fighting once the coalition came into place - Reapers started exploring further from mount weather with more of their warriors being back home - His village had been completely swarmed - Eleanor went missing, youngest sister badly wounded, son died and Micah found him - Spiralled downwards pretty hard - Attempted to leave family behind but sister tried to stop him - Convinced her to go with him - Left twins behind - All the pain.
Micah is only just returning to Trikru territories after 3 years to visit some old friends. He's adamantly refusing to go anywhere near the area where his old village used to be so he's become a lot more reserved than what he used to be like. He's mostly indifferent to those he doesn't know but so long as they don't pose a threat, neither will he.
I'd love to have people come and push his buttons. He can be pretty scary when angry or in dad-mode. He doesn't get upset, he gets pissed.
It's been three years since Eleanor... he just doesn't know man. He met her early and spent more than 7 years with her. He's not ready to jump into another relationship but if the right person came along he might try.

I am mulling over the idea of bringing Eleanor back, but I'm still not 100% on this. She wouldn't have known her son died that night she was taken. We'd have to work out the logistics of why she's been missing for 3 years. Message me if you're interested!

Last updated: 21st Sept '16
This is where any relationships that have happened with Micah on the site will be mentioned. Could help with future plotting! Know his friends and enemies!

► Dodger kom Trikru: Closest friend, basically been like a brother to him.
► Nuala: Definitely a friend. Romantic interest maybe?
► Hutton Woodford: Little skaikru thing. Micah still isn't sure.
► Bristol Hawke: He can go fuck a really thorny rose bush.
► Cain Carrow: This one can go fuck a river monster.

nicknames: rora
age: twenty-four
birthday: 13 may
pronouns: she/her/that thing
timezone: est / gmt-5
contact: site pm (notifies me on my phone via email) and aim (dannidorrito)
triggers: mostly okay to thread out whatever, I'll let you know if something makes me uncomfortable
mature threading: I'm all for smut
other characters: All my babies are found here
about: hello! so I'm a brit who moved to canada. I pretty much made this site to have fun with friends back when 100 sites were seriously lacking, it's been awesome to watch it grow! everyone else who plays on here are the real winners though, seriously love you all ♥
television show: Definitely not The 100...
movie: Marvel things are my life rn.
book: Darren Shan - Demonata Series
character: Janitor from Scrubs
song: This song/video has become a guilty obsession
food: Spaghetti Bolognese and anything sweet
holiday: Easter!
season: Summer
color: Purple
feeling: Excited or in pain from plots
location: Nature trails!
animal: Foxes
person: My significant other, even if he does drive me crazy sometimes
Aurora | Thirty-Three | Weapons Forger / Former Warrior | Floukru

 Posted: Sep 4 2016, 03:43 PM
Played by Jenna
- 392 posts -

Timeless years old
- King Bob -

• Awesome • Epic •
• Ridiculous • Silly •

user posted image

Welcome to It's Not Rocket Science! user posted image

Aurora, we're happy to inform you that you have been accepted to INRS. We absolutely love what you have done with this character! It's great that you've joined us and we can't wait to see the development of your character on the site! ♥

Rayna 1
 Posted: Sep 21 2016, 11:17 PM
Rayna 1
Played by Shepard
- 17 posts -

20 years old
- Poppy Drayton -
We will dance in the dark We'll bring candles down to the the dark We will love in the dark We'll go home in the dark We hold hands in the dark ‘Cause when you hold hands in the dark You don’t know whose you hold We’re just humans letting the love flow

• Positive • Emotional •
• Feirce • Trusting •

Rayna &

Yes to all of the pain. Rayna wants to help her big brother through all the things.

However your first mention might be a good place to start. When they are settled in with the Floukru and all. So I can test her waters all gentle like before the rest goes to hurt city?

And I figure would be like a hawk to any dude trying to date her or something. lol I've not gotten that far but I can see it.
 Posted: Jan 10 2017, 11:29 PM
Played by Britt
- 44 posts -

22 years old
- Alycia Debnam-Carey -
Victory stands on the back of sacrifice.

• Responsible • Detached •
• Self-disciplined • Guarded •

Lexa & Micah

It sounds like they would get along well, Lexa always appreciates a loyal warrior. They'd probably meet when he showed up for war with Azgeda (which reminds me that I need to add that to Lexa's history!). Maybe he could make her a special sword or something, cuz I was thinking that the knife she has is the one her father gave her after she killed her first deer. Their meeting scene could be that he's the person to prepare her for battle (with Azgeda), sharpen her blades and help her with her armor and whatnot. Lexa is blunt with her speech too, so she would probably like that about him! She could invite him to the frontlines and they could fight together. Anyone would bond over something like that. XD
Micah 1
 Posted: Jan 11 2017, 04:00 PM
Micah 1
Played by Aurora
- -4 posts -

Weapon Forger
33 years old
- Jensen Ackles -
I believe in you. I'll give up everything just to find you. I have to be with you to live to breathe. You're taking over me.

• Charming • Serious •
• Loyal • Blunt •

I have a multi-shipper!

So this is probably long overdue but I finally made myself a multi-shipper to keep track of all the characters I play! If you're looking to plot with any of my characters please post over there!

I posted the link below. Don't be shy to also send me PM's with plot ideas and whatever else you want. I'm always available for fun and pain!

user posted image

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