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Welcome to It's Not Rocket Science!

Both canon and original characters are welcomed unless Murphy does not like you! We are a no word count just try to spell better than Murphy, freestyle shipper, application, semi-au roleplay set in the fictional universe of The 100 were the awesomeness of murphamy totally exists. Inspired by the CW television series and Kass Morgan books. Our site has been around since June 2015!We have yet to get floated!

The site is a liquid timeline, meaning you can do threads wherever you want within the sites timeline Especially Murphamy ones. Only thing we ask is that you try not to go ahead of the latest events in the site plot, which is to the end of Season 3 currently. You can play out scenes from the show, or you can go off and do your own thing. You have the freedom to do as you please. As Bellamy Blake puts it: "Whatever the hell we want!"

The question is...
How far will you go to survive or protect the ones you care about?

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 Alexia Petrova, Aurora | F | 28 | Scarlett Johansson
Alexia Petrova 1
 Posted: Sep 2 2016, 11:00 PM
Played by Aurora
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Mechanic / Guard
28 years old
- Scarlett Johansson -

• Clever • Workaholic •
• Observant • Guarded •

Alexia Petrova
full name: Alexia Natalia Petrova
nicknames: Lexi, Alex, Red
age: Twenty-Eight
date of birth: 21 April
place of birth: Mount Weather
current residence: Mount Weather
gender: Female
Mechanic & Mt.Weather Security Detail (Surveillance)
languages: English, Russian and some French
member group: Mt.Woman
playby: Scarlett Johansson
for a request?: No
height: 5'7"
weight: 135lbs
build: Athletic
hair color: Auburn
eye color: Green
tattoos: Watercolor feather on her forearm
piercings: Ears and right nipple
Couple of small ones on her hand from mechanic job.
glasses/contacts: None
best feature: Green eyes
demeanor: Relaxed
sexual orientation: Bisexual
romantic orientation: Not even sure anymore
Vasily Petrova - Father
Elyse Petrova - Mother
Mackenzie Petrova (26)
children: None
other family: None
relationship status: Single
current partner: None
past partners:
Bristol Hawke, William Rivera, open for more
future partners: Open
sex life: Cobwebs
turn ons:
Sparring, dates, romantic gestures, surprises
turn offs:
Clingy/needy, possessive, fast paced (expecting a relationship immediately sort of thing)
religion: Agnostic
negative traits: Humble and shy, take things too personally, repress their feelings, overloads themselves, reluctant to change, too altruistic.
positive traits: Supportive, reliable and patient, imaginative and observant, enthusiastic, loyal and hard-working, good practical skills.
alignment: Neutral
myers-briggs: The Defender (ISFJ-A)
zodiac sign: Taurus
pet peeves: Breaking things on purpose. Anyone touching her pen.
bad habits: Putting her pen behind her ear, sticking said pen in her mouth often.
fears: Change, grounders, deep water
hopes and dreams: Hopes for stability in life, dreams of love
likes: Her computer, her sister, notebooks, doodling on things, art, observing quietly
dislikes: Being put in the spotlight, not being able to solve a problem
nickname: Lexi or Red
personal item: Small wrist watch and her metal pen
food: Raspberries
drink: Wine
season: Fall
color: Dark colors
location: Surveillance Room
animal: Red Panda
person: Her dad
bring on a disaster
Life inside the confines of the mountain is rather simple. They’re all born within and they all die within. At least, that’s what it’s been like for the past three generations or so. Their ancestors were the lucky few to survive the nuclear apocalypse by hiding in a high grade government security bunker. Safe from radiation they survived. They thrived.

At least, that’s always what Alexia was taught. She’d seen photos of Earth from before the war. It looked beautiful honestly, as a young girl she used to draw what she imagined the outside to look like. How her real house would have looked like with her parents, younger sister and an imaginary pet dog. She’d plan and draw the house layout and think up cool futuristic gadgets which could go into her fancy home. Alexia had always had a mind for electronics, for as long as she could remember she was getting into things and decompiling them to see how they ticked. It’d drive her parents crazy but her inquisitive nature quickly became a perk when something really was broken.

Her teens were filled with young loves and lost hopes. While it took a few turbulent few years to find herself, she did make it through to the other side. She had a much better idea of who she wanted to be in life. Slowly but surely she got trained up as a fully qualified mechanic. Fixing and improving parts of the Mountain to ensure they stayed alive. During her 20’s she went on to train up in the guard, mostly to work in surveillance. She already knew the cameras and surveillance systems well from her mechanic profession, so it wasn’t too difficult. She loved the training in combat. Sparring gave her an adrenaline rush like no other.

During her early 20’s she met that special someone. Though she didn’t really meet him, they’d grown up together. The mountain was a rather small place. Everyone knew everyone for the post part. Will was a sweetheart and Alexia was drawn to his more reckless nature. She liked that he was a little flawed honestly. She saw the good in him anyway. They weren’t each others firsts but she’d always planned for them to be each others finals.

Five years and living together, Alex had been content with Will and her lovelife. Then he broke up with her out of the blue. She was devastated to say the least. He moved out of their apartment and mostly did his best to avoid her. Just a couple of months later the sky people arrive. It’s been a little chaotic to say the least. They keep breaking control panels and breaking into places which she needs to fix and monitor. She’d had a little time to get over William but she’s struggling with single life. She has no idea how to date or play the field so to speak. So for the most part she keeps to herself.

Having recently broken up with a long-term partner Alexia is learning how to live again without that other half. She works in the surveillance room then picks up odd jobs as a mechanic around shifts. Since the delinquents have arrived, more things have needed fixing. Coincidence? Probably not.
She’s sweet and caring, who wouldn’t want to be friends with her. Alex is very interested in her friends lives and tries to support them in the way they need it. She’s usually pretty in tune with figuring out a person. Preferring to see the good in everyone, even if it's hidden under a hard shell sometimes.
Piss her off and she will show you exactly what she can do. Alex isn’t always sweet, she’s trained as a guard and often spars to keep fit. She’s smart and will try to outwit her enemies. Come and push her buttons, I love planned drama and pain.
Alexia wouldn’t even know where to begin with this one. It’s been roughly two months since her boyfriend of 5 years had left her out of the blue. She’s not sure how to really get back out there so hasn’t made any attempts to do so. Sure if the right guy came along she’d easily warm up. She’s in love with the idea of being in love. Romantic at heart.
To be added soon enough!

nicknames: rora
age: twenty-four
birthday: 13 may
pronouns: she/her/that thing
timezone: est / gmt-5
contact: site pm (notifies me on my phone via email) and aim (dannidorrito)
triggers: mostly okay to thread out whatever, I'll let you know if something makes me uncomfortable
mature threading: I'm all for smut
other characters: All my babies are found here
about: hello! so I'm a brit who moved to canada. I pretty much made this site to have fun with friends back when 100 sites were seriously lacking, it's been awesome to watch it grow! everyone else who plays on here are the real winners though, seriously love you all ♥
television show: Definitely not The 100...
movie: Marvel things are my life rn.
book: Darren Shan - Demonata Series
character: Janitor from Scrubs
song: This song/video has become a guilty obsession
food: Spaghetti Bolognese and anything sweet
holiday: Easter!
season: Summer
color: Purple
feeling: Excited or in pain from plots
location: Nature trails!
animal: Foxes
person: My significant other, even if he does drive me crazy sometimes
Aurora | Twenty-Eight | Mechanic / Mt.Weather Security Detail | Mountain Woman

 Posted: Sep 12 2016, 08:56 AM
Played by Jenna
- 392 posts -

Timeless years old
- King Bob -

• Awesome • Epic •
• Ridiculous • Silly •

user posted image

Welcome to It's Not Rocket Science! user posted image

Aurora, we're happy to inform you that you have been accepted to INRS. We absolutely love what you have done with this character! It's great that you've joined us and we can't wait to see the development of your character on the site! ♥

Cain Carrow
 Posted: Sep 12 2016, 09:05 AM
Cain Carrow
Mountain Man
Played by Jenna
- 355 posts -

Vice President
26 years old
- Sebastian Stan -
I'm in the de-details with the devil So now the world can never get me on my level I just gotta get you off the cage I'm a young lover's rage Gonna need a spark to ignite

• Charming • Dark •
• Blunt • Sinister •

Cain Carrow &
Alexia Petrova

Aw poor Lexie has had a rough go of it you know what this hottie needs? Some Cain in her life. She should come get drunk with him and his group it would be fun to loosen up and be social!
Joel Hardwell 1
 Posted: Sep 12 2016, 09:12 AM
Played by JD
- -1 posts -

Mt. Weather Security
30 years old
- John Krasinski -
I see my people have already embraced the whole Bond-villain aesthetic

• Fun • Distractable •
• Creative • Cynical •

Who's ready for some sad friendship stuff. Joel's great at cheering others up, even though he sucks at doing that to himself. There's lots of room for fun stuff here!
Ottilie McCloud 1
 Posted: Sep 18 2016, 06:56 AM
Played by Jonsie
- 16 posts -

28 years old
- Jenna Fischer -

• Sweet • Geeky •
• Awkward • Chatterbox •

OMG! So I think Tillie and Alex should be friends. She's a little weird at first, spewing facts about random things when she's nervous, or happy, or... well anything really. But I mean, she can make her brownies and fun things if she stops by the kitchens. AND save her delicious leftovers... AND probably con some of the other chefs to make her favourite foods sometimes cause Tillie's got pull ;D
Alexia Petrova 1
 Posted: Jan 11 2017, 03:55 PM
Played by Aurora
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Mechanic / Guard
28 years old
- Scarlett Johansson -

• Clever • Workaholic •
• Observant • Guarded •

I have a multi-shipper!

So this is probably long overdue but I finally made myself a multi-shipper to keep track of all the characters I play! If you're looking to plot with any of my characters please post over there!

I posted the link below. Don't be shy to also send me PM's with plot ideas and whatever else you want. I'm always available for fun and pain!

user posted image

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