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Both canon and original characters are welcomed unless Murphy does not like you! We are a no word count just try to spell better than Murphy, freestyle shipper, application, semi-au roleplay set in the fictional universe of The 100 were the awesomeness of murphamy totally exists. Inspired by the CW television series and Kass Morgan books. Our site has been around since June 2015!We have yet to get floated!

The site is a liquid timeline, meaning you can do threads wherever you want within the sites timeline Especially Murphamy ones. Only thing we ask is that you try not to go ahead of the latest events in the site plot, which is to the end of Season 3 currently. You can play out scenes from the show, or you can go off and do your own thing. You have the freedom to do as you please. As Bellamy Blake puts it: "Whatever the hell we want!"

The question is...
How far will you go to survive or protect the ones you care about?


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 Nayiza, Jenna | Female | 32 | Emilia Clarke
 Posted: Oct 30 2016, 09:53 PM
Played by Jenna
- 57 posts -

32 years old
- Emilia Clarke -

• Fierce • Bold •
• Cunning • Sassy •

full name: Nayiza
nicknames: NONE -dont fucking try
age: thirty two
date of birth: October 23rd
place of birth: Azgeda
current residence: Around....
gender: Female
occupation: Assasin
languages: Sleg & English
member group: Azgeda
playby: Emila Clarke
for a request?: here
sexual orientation: Anything with a pulse
romantic orientation: Living
parents: Kalel - father Hermine - mother
siblings: Elliot - brother
children: FUCK THAT
other family: N/A
relationship status: Single
current partner: open for business
past partners: Some
future partners: Planned
likes: Scorpions, Fighting with blades, Swimming.
dislikes: Reapers, Skaikru, Mountain Men.
I will break you
My father raised me while my mother worked to keep our home clean he taught me to fight to bleed and to take what I wanted. It was not long till I had some of the young boys running from me in the village. I was fearless which made me quite dangerous apparently. I was not scared to climb to the top of a tree with the risk of a fall even as a small child. The rush of it was intoxicating. When ever I was told no one had ever some this before the temptation to try was great. But I soon learned I had limits. I broke my arm at age seven it was the worst pain I felt worse then any bruise or cut I have ever gained.

It was the first of my many scars to come and taught me I had to up my pain tolerance. I did not like it in the least being seen in pain even by my mother. It was not long till I had a little brother on the way though my father seemed cold and uncaring for the new member of our family. Even towards mother. He only cared for me. I did my best to make him smile and improve myself he even taught me about plants that can be used a poisons to target victims. I love learning from him.

My brother Elliot was a sweet boy even with my father wanting nothing to do with him. He was kind and gentle soul unlike me. I never shied from a fight to prove myself to prove my dominance. It was not long till I learned why my father disliked Elliot. He was my half brother my mother had another lover but apparently he was no longer a part of this world. No love was pure there was betrayal and heart break. Seems like to much crap to me.

I met a boy names Jace by all mean it was fun at first but he did not like it when my eyes strayed. I could not help but admire another good looking form when it walked by. Love was not something that came easy for me and even with Jace asking me to try it. Alas it did not work out. He also lost a finger for grabbing me when I left him My father said I should never let a man lay his hands on me.

As I got older I became more experience and was an assassin on the rise. I loved my father and brother but it seemed my father coldness for my mother had worn off on me as time went on. Everything the blasted woman did somehow upset me. It was at this time I left. I needed an escape so I took a mission or two and may have spilled blood on neutral territory. In the name of the ice nation I had a cause. The main thing I had time to myself to perfect my art.

I stumbled across many things during my time from home. Men, beasts and the mountain. I loathe the mountain and what it does some of the best warrior reduced to pathetic puppets. Though they did make for a fun fight and I really did not mind getting a bit of blood on my dress. It was during my time away from home I learned to use my beauty to help in my art of killing. To tempt men and women who were my prey. I liked being at the top of the food chain there was something so empowering about it.

I took lovers but nothing ever stuck no one could handle my true nature the fact I loved the thrill of the kill was not something easily matched. I was not to upset about it I was never really alone and I do not mind silence unlike some who fear it. I like to think my list of fears are low but I know my brother is one of few I deeply care for. I know the love of a father and brother and they mean much to me.

I have stayed from my territory taking on new missions and such as they come my way doing what is best for my people. Following the nature of the ice nation.

She is a fierce warrior and is not one to back down from a challenge. She can be kind to those close to her but tends to use sass around others unless she dislikes them. She can be quite cold and distant to those how rub her the wrong way.
She is guarded against those around her unless she grew up with her she tends to be distant. She can be kind to new people if she has just killed. She is protective of her people in her clan she is always kind to the young children in her village.
Many for those who she has killed in the name of her clan the family of them must not be happy. She is unforgiving in her kills and will not hesitate to kill those in her way. She is ruthless when on a task. She can be rude and vile to those she dislikes. Outside of her clan she can be rather cold.
Nayiza is not one for comitment really she has learned at a young age from her parents.
Elliot is her dear brother she id fond of him and quite sweet around him. He is probably her greatest weakness. If someone was to ever take him from her

nicknames: RAWR
age: a number
birthday: 3rd July
pronouns: She
timezone: Around
contact: Aim me, Call me, Beep me, if you want to reach me!
preferred narrative: 3rd person
preferred wordcount: open to all long or short
triggers: No dead babies
mature threading: Indeed
other characters: A lot
about: I am awesome
television show: The Walking Dead
movie: Harry Potter
book: LOTR
character: Faye Cahmberlain
song: You & I - Ingrid Michaelson
food: Watermelon
holiday: My Birthday
season: Fall
color: Blue batches
feeling: Excitment
location:My bed
animal: Leopard
person: King Bob
Jenna | 32 | Assasin | Azgeda
 Posted: Nov 7 2016, 03:37 PM
Played by myself
- 1078 posts -

Admin / Penguin Tamer
25 years old
- I love you! -
Do people even read these things? God, I hope not. Enjoy all of my word vomit. YOU'RE WELCOME.

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user posted image

Welcome to It's Not Rocket Science! user posted image

Jenna, we're happy to inform you that you have been accepted to INRS. We absolutely love what you have done with this character! It's great that you've joined us and we can't wait to see the development of your character on the site! ♥

 Posted: Jun 6 2017, 02:37 PM
Played by Aurora
- 26 posts -

29 years old
- Kit Harington -

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Alaric & Nayiza

Gah, I can't wait for them! Let's do this shit!
Do you want to start or shall I?
 Posted: Jul 25 2017, 07:36 AM
Played by delta
- 15 posts -

natblida • warrior
21 years old
- kat mcnamara -
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you, never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

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Neria & Nayiza

I thinking that Neria looks up to Nayiza, maybe as a 'sister' figure and adores her. Would Nayiza be game with that?
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