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 Mountain Men History, More in-depth guide
 Posted: Dec 27 2016, 02:07 PM
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Mountain Men History

So this is going to be a little site history focusing on Mountain Men, since they’re one of the more AU member groups compared to the show. Rather than a mass genocide happening when the Sky People and Grounders went to war with Mount Weather, we’re allowing to have people who managed to survive, being our site characters.

Mountain People were the group which survived the nuclear apocalypse by living in a sustainable underground facility located within a mountain known as Mount Weather. For years they thrived in this environment, getting to a population of around 500. They’d figured out ways of super healing using blood from outsiders (Grounders) which they had discovered in the last fifty years. It was around the same time they opened the doors for the first time since the nuclear apocalypse and learning they could not survive the current radiation levels outside. Discovering there were people out there that could was a huge breakthrough.

They watched as a whole new group arrived near to their mountain, they come to be known as the Sky People. Conflicts happened immediately with the Grounders which had been there prior. Mountain Men only stepped in once an all-out war broke out between them.

So following the show’s timeline, from here this is where Season Two would have started.

Taking in 50 or so delinquents had been a handful. They were mistrustful right from the beginning and while President Dante Wallace tried to make them feel welcome, they still put the mountain at risk of contaminating it with outside air. Scientists and his son Cage Wallace pushed for more precautions and also testing on how their bodies are able to filter radiation as efficiently.

Escapes happened but things were kept under wraps. Clarke Griffin had made it out and few were made aware of that fact. Testing had already started on the Sky People's blood to see if it were similar to how Grounders blood would heal them.

Clarke made an alliance with the Grounder Leader, Lexa, to merge Grounders and Sky People together in order to team up and take down Mount Weather. Around the same time within the mountain, President Dante Wallace was overthrown by his son Cage Wallace. He took over his position of controlling the mountain and wanted to wipe out any outside threats, that being the Grounders and other Sky People. Behind the scenes officials were using the Delinquents (Sky People) they had brought in as testing subjects. In doing so they learned they could use their bone marrow to give them a permanent fix to outside radiation poisoning. By now many of these higher officials within the mountain had been getting some of the very first treatments that were extracted. This wasn’t announced to the public until Cage had become president and the Delinquents had escaped from Level 5. By then they had been forced to stay within their dorms and taken away one by one to be executed via entire body marrow extractions.

During the conflict Mountain People were made to follow evacuation procedures. In the case of an emergency, they were made to stay within residential areas (Levels 5 and 6). Meaning they could access their homes and the upper floor which had been where the Sky People had stayed and also the public mess hall for meal times. When their power generators failed, it guaranteed one backup generator was set to keep just those two floors maintained. The people were safe from the air filters failing and irradiating their levels.

A small group of Sky People from the outside had managed to get within using the mining tunnels (known as the Reaper Tunnels) once power for the other levels was down. From there they were able to access the security room which held the main terminals and all of the mountain’s camera feeds. They had also taken Dante Wallace as hostage, having removed him from quarantine which was on one of the non-emergency floors. He was able to survive being on an irradiated floor due to receiving the marrow treatment some time earlier when the other officials received them.

Now with security access, the Sky People were able to get in touch with Cage and offer him a deal. The offer was simple; Release their people which were being held captive, or be killed. Cage refused even after listening to them follow through with their word and killed father. What he didn’t know was they were also gaining access to the mountains controls. Their plan now was to irradiate the level to kill any mountain men they needed to get their friends back. They used the controls to reverse the air filter system on just one level. The same level with their people were on. As it were, more than 90% of the mountain’s residents had been on that same floor. It killed them all. They were able to successfully kill enough Mountain People to be able to walk into the level and take their people back home. The survivors which had been on the last remaining level were left to pick up the pieces.

This is where Season Two ended and where a 3 month time-jump took place, right before before Season Three. From this point forward we go completely AU with Mountain Men since they are now supposed to be killed off for the show.

Cage had all but disappeared, he had been on the level with the Sky People but had the marrow treatment. In his place, Cain Carrow who had been Vice President took over the role and got people organized after the devastation.

Over the next three months the Mountain People began to rebuild. They managed to salvage some remaining bone marrow which had been extracted. The main priority now was getting power back so they would be able to fully access the other levels (like the laboratory) once more. In the meantime they used hazmat suits to access the other levels when needed along with getting the level back up which the Sky People had taken down. The bodies of more than 400 dead residents needed to be cleaned up from that level. With how few survived, this was a huge ongoing task. It wore on every single survivor, both physically and mentally. It took a month for engineers to repair some of the generators and get some power back.

Some survivors had been given treatments before the fall of the mountain. So they were able to access the levels which had no power without needing hazmat suites. They began working on synthesizing the remaining bone marrow to produce more. It was a struggle. Having no power the first month in the labs meant they barely progressed. Once power was restored the worked around the clock for two more months before getting their breakthrough and being able to mass produce it for everyone.

This is where Season Three would have begun for the other member groups.

With the marrow and ability to breathe unfiltered air and power brought back to their home, Mountain People started to explore outside more and more. Many took any opportunity they could to go on supply runs and explore. They had a huge radius around the mountain which Acid Fogs had been used to deter intruders. Most still kept away from those areas, meaning plenty of unexplored areas were waiting to be discovered.

At one point Sky People had gone to salvage at the mountain to discover there were a few survivors. Instead of killing the last of them they were left alone instead. That small of a group posed as no threat to Sky People. Both Sky People and Grounders all but left them to the Mountain Men own devices.

The alliance between the Sky People and Grounders was at a standstill and both were still rather hostile against Mountain People for what they had done to the groups. (Creating Reapers from Grounders and extracting marrow from Sky People). Being left alone meant over time they started moving more and more outside, creating an outdoor recreational camp they could use. The plans were to build it up enough to be sustainable and permanent outside homes for their people. Wooden Cabins were started and power from the dam was used to light them up. With there being less than 50 survivors it was slow progress, but getting there.

Cameras still in place all over the parts of the forests from previously, they were able to go back to keeping tabs on the Sky People. Because of this Mountain People were able to watch the conflict between Sky People and Grounders from a safe distance. With how few people were left compared to the other groups, they were able to stay very low-key and keep off of ALIE’s radar. No one has really believed for them to survive outside. For the Mountain People it had been one of the biggest challenges they’ve had to face, but the tiny group that had made it persevered.

With there being so many people murdered on both sides, Mountain Men and Sky People made no attempts to reach out or start an alliance. That was until ALIE had taken over Arkadia. News had been getting back to the Mountain Men of this but they had no reason to help or involve themselves. The Sky People fleeing from camp either went with the tiny group which were attempting to de-chip Raven Reyes, or they went with the majority to Mount Weather. An underground governmental facility was the best option for protection. They were desperate.

Against some opposition from the Mountain Men, the Sky People were welcomed into the mountain to be under their protection. Cain saw this as a starting point to build an alliance with these people, knowing their advanced technical and medical knowledge and resources would benefit his own people.

No sooner were the Sky People allowed in did the trouble really start to begin. Conflicts began almost immediately inside. Some of the Mountain Men lashing out over losing loved ones during the last conflict. Some of the Sky People having to forget what happened the last time they were there. The two groups did not get on very well in the slightest. Thankfully over 400 residents of the mountain being killed off previously, it mean there was more than enough space in the mountain to house the Sky People and try to keep everyone out of each other's way.

Once Arkadia was completely taken over the majority of chipped residents made their way to Polis. ALIE had chosen as her main point of gathering her followers. The rest made their way to the mountain to go after those that had fled. The chipped had managed to make their way inside through pretending to be seeking refuge. Once inside all hell broke loose. They worked their way through the mountain, chipping as many as they could by any means possible. By the time an alert went out it was already too late. More and more were being chipped. Both unchipped Sky People and Mountain Men were fighting each other as well as attempting to wipe out some of the chipped. The chipped were friends, family, loved ones. It was complete chaos and became every man for themselves to get out and flee.

One of the chipped Mountain People had set off the detonators to destroy the Mountain. With the majority chipped they wouldn’t really die and would have just gone back to the City of Light. The last few who were unchipped would either need to take the chip or try to get out. A few casualties in all of this wasn’t a huge problem for the chipped. Taking their leave they started making their way to ALIE in Polis.

The Mountain detonated and was heard for miles, sounding like some sort of volcano had erupted. The shockwave had been felt for miles too. Survivors which had managed to get out in time started to make their way back to Arkadia which had become vacant. Some opted to instead stay at the Mountains outdoor homes which were still a work in progress. The place had been named Camp Montem. With no power one more they were living bare basics once again, but this time they had somewhat been brought closer to the surviving Sky People. The second smaller group of Sky People which had gone a different way during the fall of Arkadia had gone to great lengths to bring ALIE down within Polis.

This is where Season Three ended and as far as the site plot for Mountain People has gotten to. More will be added and available to play at the end of Season Four.
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