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Both canon and original characters are welcomed unless Murphy does not like you! We are a no word count just try to spell better than Murphy, freestyle shipper, application, semi-au roleplay set in the fictional universe of The 100 were the awesomeness of murphamy totally exists. Inspired by the CW television series and Kass Morgan books. Our site has been around since June 2015!We have yet to get floated!

The site is a liquid timeline, meaning you can do threads wherever you want within the sites timeline Especially Murphamy ones. Only thing we ask is that you try not to go ahead of the latest events in the site plot, which is to the end of Season 3 currently. You can play out scenes from the show, or you can go off and do your own thing. You have the freedom to do as you please. As Bellamy Blake puts it: "Whatever the hell we want!"

The question is...
How far will you go to survive or protect the ones you care about?

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 Rylee Jane CarMicheal, Jenna | Female | 18 | Emily Bett Rickard
Rylee Jane CarMicheal
 Posted: Aug 31 2015, 11:16 PM
Played by Jenna
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Medical Officer
18 years old
- Single -

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Rylee CarMichael
full name: Rylee Jane CarMicheal
nicknames: Ry, R.J.
age: eighteen
date of birth:June 6th
place of birth: Mecha
current residence: Mount Weather
gender: Female
occupation: Medic
languages: English
member group: Deliquent
playby: Tay Swift
for a request?: Original
criminal record
crime(s): Put away for her twin sisters crime of stealing medication.
sentence:: Prison Station/Sent to Earth
solitary?: Yes, for two months.
sexual orientation: Bi-Sexual
parents: Ellen CarMichael Jack CarMichael
siblings: Elise ---- [twin]
relationship status: Single
past partners: Brandon -----
likes: Music, Singing, Helping people, things organized, Teaching others what she knows. Staring at the stars
dislikes: Her twin, things being messy, being alone,most guards, small dark places.
Rylee was raised but her parents and she was there world growing up. She was loved and honestly had a nice up bring especially with a family made up of Mechanics. She was never alone always having her mother or father near her. It was not long before the blonde learned she had a twin sister once she started school. It was more then apparent in the with how similar the looked and the truth soon came out that her parents had twins and gave her sister Elise to a family who could not conceive. Rylee was more then enthused at the idea of having a best friend and the pair became quite close growing up. Rylee would love to visit her sister quarters and try on clothes together. Elise parents were apart of the council and very important. So they had some nicer things compared to what she was used to at home.

They grew close and shared everything when they had the chance. They ate together and traded clothes not to mention that share the same taste in music. But that did not last long. As the pair started to peek there interest in boys things slowly became tense over time. Though the pair liked similar things and did almost everything together. They were two very different people when it came down to it. Eise lived a privileged life while Rylee's family worked hard to get by. She would always say it did not matter what they did not have as long as she had there love. Elise parents were out of the picture for the most part acquiring her whatever she wanted but with there duties to work and the council it was hard to always be there for her. She convinced her twin to ditch her glasses so they looked more alike and made things all the more fun..

Rylee met a guy in Gov Sci and fell for him fast and started dating him. Little did she knew Ella had a crush on him since she was a child. This was the match that lite the fire. Elise encouraged her to further her relationship with him and sure enough she went for it. She lost her virginity to him. She was so smitten and even told her friends about him. Ella stole him from right under her noise and she was heartbroken. This was when she learned of her sisters dislike for her and the betrayal cut deep.

She went on with her schooling and did not become a mechanic like her parents instead she went into medical wanting to be a doctor to help people. She liked things neat and organized she may be a bit of OCD about things. It felt natural to her as she started to learn and take her courses. She would see her sister on occasion and instead of being scared of her or being the weak one she put on a bold face. even when they bickered she did not back down from her she would be damned if she let her walk all over her.

Rylee liked her job and even made visit to people quarters when they were sick even singing to the young ones to help them relax. She gain quite the reputation and the nice one of the twins. She enjoyed music and eventually dated again his name was Brandon and he had always had a thing for her sister and she knew it. so she did not give him the time of day. But she knew the way her twin was with guys by now and knew she would never treat him like her. Sure enough they eventually dated and she knew they belonged together. They got along so well. Of course once Elise caught wind of it the relationship was forced to its end with Brandon not being able to handle the drama.

Her parents were supportive of her no matter what and she was thankful for that. She started teaching some of the kids on her station how to play instruments and even sang with them in a cute made up band. She took out her frustrations in the gym with a bit of boxing so to say. Some thought she would switch train to be a guard at some point but she was not interested in that career path.

She focused on her school work and casually dated a few guys nothing serious for fear of her sister ruining it. She did not take the time to even try to understand her. Instead the idea of revenge started to get to her and even threatened to get her back someday. Those words would be ones she regretted for the next year. Her twin lashed out in the best way possible. She dressed up like her twin Rylee and stole medical supplies and drugs. Sure enough they had footage and the next day Rylee was put away in the sky box for a crime she did not commit.

She was seventeen when she was put away and the silence those first months killed a piece of her. She had grown up constantly around her with people around to talk to. When they finally allowed her visitors she smiled and even sang to some of the children who visited her. But there was just a piece of her missing her spirit and heart was not in it. She loathed the guard for arresting the wrong girl and not even considering her pleas. She spent almost a year in the sky box before she got her second chance at life. She had been so scared for her eighteenth birthday and being put up for review. Yes she was innocent but no one had believed her claims up till now. So what was a silly review going to do about it.

But as luck would have it she got ship to the ground just a week before she turned eighteen. On earth everything changed for her no longer being haunted by her twin for the most part. Some people knew her twin but for the most part she was free to make her own choices without looking over her shoulder. She had friends of her own that she knew her sister could not steal or manipulate. She was stronger here. She was finding herself again.

user posted image

Her fist smashed against the door her screams echoing in the cell and she beat at the door mercilessly even trying to kick it. "You have the wrong girl you have the wrong girl." her fists beat the hard metal over and over thinking one more hit and they have to open the door. She gave no care for the searing pain and bruises she was accumulating every time she hit the hard metal. They had to see if she was okay they just had to let her out of here. She did not belong here they had the wrong girl. She let out a loud scream that even made her cringe. She stepped back a moment silence falling her eyes locked on the metal door before her waiting for something anything.

But nothing happened. The door did not move and no sound came from the other side. All she heard was her ragged breathing as her heart pounded against her chest. She stood there a moment he focus on the door waiting for something anything to happen. After a moment she started in again ramming her body against the door beat it down with her hands and yelling sense less things. "I will beat the shit out of sister then patch you back up so I can so it all over again." She had never been this angry in her life she always kept it cool and took it out of some punching bag in the gym. She continued this attack on the door not giving up until she felt a shard pain unlike the other it was follows by a hot trickle down her arm. This stopped her beating as she slowly looked to it. It looked almost black in the dark of the cell. She ignored the yells from other delinquents as she slowly turned her back to the door her eyes still on her hand. She sunk to the floor awkwardly her bright eyes locked on the blood as it trailed down her arm and dripped off onto the floor. She was mesmerized by it for a moment as a few other drops hit the floor.

She closed her eyes her rational thoughts taking over as she knew she should treat the wound as best as she could. She looked to her hand again a moment longer slowly opening her hand being reward with harsh pain from her on slaughter of the door. She tore a piece off off her shirt and moved to wrap her hand tightly chewing her lip through the unbearable pain. She tucked her make shift bandage and examined it to be sure it would stop the bleeding. Her other hand was in pain but she was doing her best to ignore it.Now came the issue of dealing with the sticky blood that laced it's way down her arm. She tilted her head to the side feeling dizzy before she wiped it over with her hand and wiping it on her shirt. She made her arm perfectly clean of blood feeling much better that way.

She slowly looked up finally taking in the cell around her realizing how small it was and just how alone she really was. She leaned her head back the cool metal feeling wrong against her hot skin. She closed her eyes again the silence almost deafening to her.She had spent all her life with someone by her side from one moment to the next she was hardly ever alone except to sleep. She always kept things organized made plans and was never really alone she had not realized till this moment how much she had feared it. The silence scared her.It unnerved her to be alone with her thoughts alone with herself. She brought her knees up to her chest wrapping her arms around them. She began to hum to make some sort of noise but it slowly faded. She swayed back and forth as she tried to hum again a new song but it slowly trailed off.

She opened her eyes leaning her head on her knees her eyes staring off at the wall but not really seeing it. Something was breaking inside of her and it hurt more then bruises she knew she had forming. It was not physical but much deeper then that. It slowly consumed like a piece of her was just gone. One small tear escaped her eye and fell down her cheek to stain her pants. Rylee sat there completely still. May she rest in peace....

Rylee makes friends with ease since she is very friendly and kind to everyone. She stands up for what she believes in and is not shy about her opinions. She likes to talk and be in the company of others she hates being alone. She can be quite talkative if you let her go at it.
Since she is bold and does not take shit from other she can rub people the wrong way. Not to mention her sister has to have burned some people and it is super easy to confuse them. Rylee will fight back and knows how to throw a punch if need be. She has one hell of a temper but does her best to not let it out. This anger is something new to her since landing on the ground what her sister did to her pushed her to the edge.
She has dated her fair share of men and knows what she likes in a guy. Tall, bright eyes and some muscles for squeezing. She loves to flirt when she can but she often does not let it go further then that. She tends to be picky about who she dates and sleeps with. Though she does not mind having some fun and flirting to get something done for her.
Elise is her twin who is an evil conniving bitch and is the first person this sweet girl has ever wished harm on. Rylee is not one for violence but if she sees Elise again on earth that side will come out.

nicknames: The Jenna
age: The Limit Does Not Exist
birthday: 3rd of July
pronouns: She
timezone: Eastern
contact: PM/Skype?Aim ::dinogalz
mature threading: Yes please
other characters: Click
about: I like pickles.
rylee carmichael | 18 | medic | deliquent
 Posted: Sep 1 2015, 12:12 AM
Played by myself
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Do people even read these things? God, I hope not. Enjoy all of my word vomit. YOU'RE WELCOME.

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user posted image

Welcome to It's Not Rocket Science! user posted image

Jenna, we're happy to inform you that you have been accepted to INRS. We absolutely love what you have done with this character! It's great that you've joined us and we can't wait to see the development of your character on the site! ♥

Berg Blitzer 1
 Posted: Oct 8 2016, 06:54 PM
Played by JD
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oh my fucking god

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Yeah, I'm thinking we could probs do a thread with them either being back on the ark and Berg being a completely oblivious dumbperson or like one where they just run into eachother on the ground and he's sort of confused cause there are two CarMicheal's who look the same. #OhBerg
Berg Blitzer 1
 Posted: Oct 9 2016, 02:00 PM
Played by JD
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21 years old
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oh my fucking god

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Sounds like it could be pretty interesting since Berg's a notorious asshole/oblivious dumb person and will totally not get why she's upset and all.

I can get the thread up and running sometime in the next week if that's cool :)
Barbara Aldren 1
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 01:13 PM
Played by Beat
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19 years old
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I reckon that Rylee and Barbara could have been friends from before on the Ark being both from Mecha, and maybe is a bit clued into the evil twin stuff. Seems like a good mesh of personalities. On the Ark as well as the Ground, Barbara would have been a frequent visitor to medical from her own mechanical mishaps as well as just being clumsy in general. Maybe a thread can come from one of those mishaps.
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